Community Emergency Response Team
Volunteer Mounted Search and Rescue

                                       The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Search and ​Rescue team is an
                                       ​extension of the Sheriff’s Office, which means that all members are held to the
                                       ​same standards of conduct concerning departmental rules and regulations as a
                                       ​sworn Deputy.

                                      ​The Mounted Search and Rescue program was organized in 2011 to serve as a 
                                      ​search and rescue function and to create positive public relations within the community. On July 28, 2011, the Sheriff approved the incorporation of a Mounted Search and Rescue team, a totally volunteer program of the Emergency Services Division.

​​The Mounted Search and Rescue program does not teach basic riding/training lessons or how to care for your horse. The Mounted Search and Rescue program improves upon the “basics” and works with skills and training needed for a “mounted” program.

Anderson County Sheriff's Office
Chad McBride, Sheriff
305 Camson Road
Anderson, SC   29625​​​
(864) 260-4400​
To apply for membership for the Anderson County Sheriff's Office Volunteer Mounted Search and Rescue, please visit the "Application Process" tab above and then proceed to the Anderson County Sheriff's Office employment page to
​complete an application.
​(Link to application online)
To be considered for a ​volunteer position ​on the ​Mounted Search and Rescue team, ​please print out the three forms provided, complete in their entirety, sign and mail to:

Anita Allison Donley
CERT & MSaR Program Manager
Anderson County Sheriff's Office
305 Camson Road
Anderson, SC   29626​5 ​​​​
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